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Benefits of Cloud Storage Services

Companies are lured to the public cloud due to some of the inherent benefits including improved flexibility, agility, time to market and lower capital and operational costs associated with the use of public clouds. As companies mature in their use of public cloud environments, many realize they need to augment security availability services as well as formulate best practices in determining which data is appropriate for public cloud environments. Furthermore, it is critical to understand not only the sensitivity of the data being considered for movement to public cloud, but also the activity level, performance characteristics, and advanced data management requirements (i.e. encryption, compliance, compression). These all factor in to determining the true expense for utilizing public cloud which Profulgent Technology takes into account.

Although the momentum is for most applications and workloads to move to the public cloud, some apps and workloads may stay forever stay on the private cloud due to security, compliance, and performance concerns. Private cloud offers greater security, control and ownership, while public cloud provides flexibility and simplicity. This phenomenon has given birth to a new style of IT dubbed the Hybrid Cloud and it is here to stay. Profulgent Technology can help you decide and maintain both to meet your needs.

Hybrid cloud for storage offers the ideal balance so organizations can leverage both private and public clouds depending on their requirements, which can change over time. In essence, companies can maintain the control, protection and performance of a private cloud for datasets that need it and enjoy the economics and elasticity of the public cloud for other workloads. In order to reap the full benefits of hybrid cloud, companies will need to analyze, integrate, optimize, secure and manage the lifecycle of both their public as well as private cloud environments in a more holistic way.

Data mobility is often the most daunting task, since it can be very time and resource intensive. Organizations must invest time analyzing and determining which workloads belong in an on-premise cloud, due to security and privacy concerns, and which workloads are well suited for off-premise, public cloud. IT also needs to determine the real costs associated with moving or not moving the various workloads into cloud and lastly how to leverage their existing investments as part of this new model.

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