Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup services from Profulgent Technology is necessary for any business. Profulgent Technology’s offsite backup service can either backup just your data or we can create an image of your critical business machines so in the event of a catastrophe we can just restore this image to a new machine and you can be up and running with little downtime. Cloud Backup or offsite backup services is critical for every business.

Cloud Backup Services from Profulgent Technology

Cloud Data Backup / Offsite Flat File Backup

In the event you experience data loss, we can quickly retrieve it from any internet connected device. Restoring data from an offsite backup over the internet securely is the utmost important to us. We always restore data over secure connections for your safety and privacy.

Cloud Backup of Server Services, Server Applications and Application Data

Our Cloud Backup client runs an agent on the server which has the business critical services running which you need kept in a safe place offsite. Our software backs up your data correctly and properly. This isn’t the same as a file based backup because databases and other types of special software data need to be backed up correctly. We properly backup Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server Databases, Microsoft Exchange Databases as well as MySQL and Oracle Databases.

Cloud Backup for Servers / Offsite Image Based Backup

Our Server Imaging based backup is an excellent way to start our with Disaster Recovery Planning. We have appliances which reside at your location and they backup data locally and then send it to the cloud securely. If you experienced a server failure on site, depending on your solution, we could restore your server virtually in minutes. If you were to experience lost of the location in which your business resided, we could restore and start your server in the cloud and you can connect to it without any down time or loss of data.

Allow Profulgent Technology the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits our Cloud Backup Services can provide your organization.