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ShadowProtect License Installation Activation

ShadowProtect License Installation Activation

We have had some technician’s here at Profulgent Technology have issues with Activating ShadowProtect Agents.

How to activate ShadowProtect:

The Evaluation version provides you with 30 days of product access. During this time you must activate the product with the product serial number. If you do not activate the product within 30 days of installation, the product times out and stops functioning. (You can still activate the product after the end of the 30 days. However, any backup jobs you created will not run again until after you activate the product.)

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For Automatic Activations:

Start up the ShadowProtect Console. Connect to the machine in which you want to install the license on, if there are multiple agents you are managing. Then Go up to the Help Menu and on that menu you will see and Activate License option. Click on this and enter your serial number. Regarding the Name box and Organization box, you can enter what you like here.

For more in depth instructions you can reference the StorageCraft Site Here.

If the machine you had does not have an internet connection, StorageCraft has a manual way to activate their product, please follow the instructions here

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