Go Green

Go Green

As an environmentally responsible company, Profulgent Technology takes pride in Energy Conservation and making sure your company is Energy Efficient. That is why Profulgent Technology is proud to take action with our recycling program. Many companies have a technology grave yard somewhere in or near their office space, maybe in an office basement or an attic. Overtime, the grave yard continues to grow because people are afraid to throw PC’s away. They are unsure how to erase the hard drives and completely remove all sensitive company and personal information. At Profulgent Technology, we have the software and utilities to erase the hard drive using the government’s standard of erasure.

 Our Equipment Recycling Steps:

  • Gather all equipment to be recycled.
  • If there are no hard drives, the equipment is taken directly to one of two recycling facilities in NJ.
  • If data exists and needs to be erased, the equipment is brought to Profulgent Technology’s office to erase before delivering to the recycling center.
  • Once the data is erased from the hard drive, a program is run which creates a report which we can deliver to our clients to show that the drive has been completely erased.
  • When we come across technology equipment that is outdated for a business, but is still in good condition to use for home use or kids, we give this equipment to a small local repair shop who refurbishes the equipment and sells it for an extremely discounted price.

Networking Cabling

Copper is a valuable resource.  At Profulgent Technology we recycle all left over ethernet cables and any other cable that may contain this metal. We have been on hundreds of jobs where we see cabling companies simply throwing this valuable resource in the trash where it will eventually make its way in to landfills.  We do things the environmentally responsible way and recycle all of these reusable resources.

When purchasing new equipment, does it cost more to be energy efficient and environmentally responsible?

While the per unit cost of energy efficient hardware can sometimes be higher than non-efficient counterparts, the cost savings from energy efficiency over the life of the products adds up to several multiples of the increase in per unit cost. Profulgent Technology says, “Energy Efficiency really pays off”.

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