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Office 365 increases Productivity and Collaboration

How Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services will increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Below is an actual case from one of our IT Support clients detailing how they utilize Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services.

 1. Introduction

It’s important to note that not all technology hosts are created equal. There are substantial differences between the features, reliability, and security of each host. The three major reasons to consider when switching technology hosts are cost, updates and maintenance, and accessibility.

2. Trends

As cloud computing matures, a growing number of organizations are moving to cloud environments to help lower IT costs, increase efficiencies, and realize greater flexibility.

Many organizations considering cloud adoption can benefit from timely trends analysis research; and simple, well-organized information about their IT environment to understand their current IT state and where they will be if they adopt a particular cloud service.

3. Problem

The key difference between Office 365 and all third party hosting providers is simply, Microsoft. Microsoft designed, developed, and distributed the software. There are many providers that have hosted these products successfully, but they are not the developers of the products they host. Why is this important?

First, no third party hosting company can claim to match the resources, investment, and level of expertise in these products as Microsoft.

Second, Microsoft’s products are in a constant state of development to improve their capabilities, reliability and security. The improvements made to these products will flow directly into their Office 365 and CRM Online offerings.

Often these improvements come first to the online offering before their traditional client-server applications. As an Office 365 customer you will automatically have access to these improvements included in your subscription as they are released. Updates to these products may be available to third party hosting providers as well but you may be charged for these upgrades or the provider may not elect to deploy them at all.

4. Solution

Office 365 combines the familiar Microsoft Office desktop suite with powerful cloud-based communications and collaboration services allowing web and mobile accessibility. Collaborate easily with anywhere access to email, web conferencing, documents and calendars.

Office 365 enables your employees to communicate and collaborate effectively, while enabling your IT team to focus on more business-critical tasks.

And with services hosted by Microsoft, you can have peace of mind knowing that experts are managing your IT and that your services will be available when you need them. This includes business-class security, backed by technology’s most-trusted company – Microsoft.

Office 365 includes:

  • Office Professional Plus 2013
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Lync Online

Microsoft Office 365 takes the industry’s most recognized set of productivity and collaboration tools and delivers them as a cloud-based subscription service.

Gain access to Office 365 from virtually any device, any time, any place – with a financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee from Microsoft.

Microsoft hosts an extensive marketplace for Office 365 solutions – and highlights preferred cloud partners like SADA, where you can contract us directly for Office 365 services and support.

5. Benefits

Here are just a few key benefits of Office 365 we’re most excited about:

  • Enterprise-class security and reliability. One of the best aspects of the cloud is that it makes enterprise-class technologies, as well as their associated benefits, available at a price that smaller companies can afford. For instance, numerous layers of security help protect Office 365’s data centers; stringent privacy policies help keep your data safe.
  • Additionally, the data centers provide first-rate disaster recovery capabilities, are fully redundant and are geographically dispersed to help ensure your data is available. This means no more worrying about what would happen to your network should natural disasters or other unforeseen complications occur – with Office 365, you get a financially backed guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime.
  • IT control and efficiency. On any given day, basic IT management tasks like retaining security updates and upgrading back-end systems occupy a great deal of your IT workers’ time, preventing them from focusing their energy on business priorities. Office 365 will handle tasks like these, while still giving your IT staff control over user management and service configuration.
  • User familiarity and productivity. Creating an Office 365 workspace doesn’t necessarily result in a large learning curve for employees. If your business already uses programs like Microsoft Office, Outlook, SharePoint and others, your employees will merely be transitioning to a similar, but cloud-based experience. Moreover, since these programs are hosted on the cloud, employees can access information while on the go, from any laptop, PC or Smartphone, depending on Wi-Fi capability or phone network availability.

Office 365 also brings some exciting improvements to the programs your employees rely on each day. For instance, MailTips-a feature of Exchange Online-acts as a friendly assistant, alerting you of when you are about to send mail to individuals out of the office, if you’re accidentally replying to a large distribution list or sending confidential information outside the company. Additionally, Lync Online now works with SharePoint Online and Office, so that workers can quickly and easily communicate and collaborate.

6. Example

Dr. Fuhrman’s Medical Associates, located in Flemington, New Jersey, provides continuing and comprehensive health care for both adults and children. As their new IT service providers, we helped them migrate from hosted Exchange, on premise Share Point, Google Apps, and Drop Box to Office 365. Office 365 provided them with one simple solution instead of four different solutions to accomplish their IT needs. As their business grows, Office 365 offers them a scalable, flexible, and affordable solution that will save them time, money, and resource in both the short term and long term.

7. Conclusion

Office 365 is an enterprise-grade service, designed to meet the most rigorous requirements for security, privacy, reliability, and manageability. Hosted in Microsoft’s secure, $9 billion network of state-of-the-art data centers, it brings together their most trusted productivity solutions Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint® Online, and Microsoft Lync™ Online with Microsoft Office across platforms and devices.

There are lots of good reasons to choose Microsoft as your solution provider, but the most important one is trust: with business-critical capabilities such as email, calendars, and collaboration, you want a partner that treats enterprise productivity as their center business, not a side project. Microsoft has provided enterprise-class productivity solutions for more than 20 years, and Office is the number one productivity suite worldwide, with hundreds of millions of users. What better partner would you need?

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