I'm experiencing an issue with my computer or network. How do I report an issue?

To open a new ticket, you can contact our IT Support Helpdesk at 732-242-9345 extension 100 and a qualified technician will be more than happy to assist you. For a quicker response, you can send an email to support@profulgent.net and with a generalization of what's wrong in the subject line with a more detailed description in the body of the email. For any further communication, please respond to these emails as you will also be receiving updates through these emails.

I have confidential documents that need to be kept secure, is your Cloud Backup service secure?

Profulgent Technology's Cloud Backup service transmits information from your network to our cloud over SSL which is encrypted. It also encrypts the data that it transfers to make sure the data is secure when stored.

I have Office 365 for email but don't have access to my Outlook right now, is there webmail?

Yes, webmail is available for users of Office 365. To check your email, please visit https://login.microsoftonline.com and type in your email address as the username and then type in your password. After that just hit enter and you will be brought into the portal where you select Outlook and you will be redirected to your email.

Could your business be sued or fined for using a business phone service, fax system or call center system that doesn’t meet new HIPAA security and privacy regulations?

Yes. Our phone systems give health care organizations provide secure voice and data encryption at rest, protecting customer data and preventing unauthorized access to protected healthcare information. These offerings provide customers with a comprehensive, industry-leading solution to meet their HIPAA needs, while leveraging the platform’s outstanding features and efficiency over conventional PBX phone solutions.