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Creating a Business Continuity Plan For Your Small Business

Is your business prepared for any type of disaster? Even though small businesses may not have as many employees or as much equipment, they are still as vulnerable to disaster as a large corporation. If your business office were to be destroyed by a tornado, you could lose valuable business if you don’t plan ahead. […]

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Free business continuity and disaster recovery plan review

Hurricane Sandy last year followed by the recent tornado that hit Oklahoma has truly put things in to perspective why businesses need to prepare for disasters. The safety of your employees should be your number 1 concern followed by the plan to protect your business along with the data and applications that run it. Give […]

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How to Recover Your Lost Computer Files – Inexpensively and Easily

We maintain our computers similarly to how we maintain our own health – rarely do we take the time to learn about preventing health complications, and instead work to repair our health once we’ve become ill! We take care of our computers the same way, in that we rarely think about the safety or well-being […]

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